The DO's of Property Insurance Claims

Homeowners and business owners often make several errors that can delay their property insurance claim, impact their insurance payout, and even determine if their insurance company will even cover their insurance claim:

  • Do call for help immediately: A property restoration service company, emergency plumber, and board up company often are available 24/7 to help you quickly minimize your damage and help you clean up the affected area in your business or home.  They have extensive experience with these situations.  These professionals are there to help you understand what you need to document (will help you document it) and help you understand the next step to take in filing an insurance claim.
  • Keep & document EVERYTHING: Make sure you document your loss with as much detail as possible. Take pictures from start to finish, list ALL of  the affected personal property items, and keep all of your receipts and correspondences. Don’t dispose of anything  until you get an agreed upon payout from your insurance company.
  • Submit a claim to your insurance as soon as possible : Act quickly by calling your insurance company as soon as possible.  You will want to begin the claims process and get the ball rolling for getting a payout from your insurance company.  Make sure you know what the steps are for their insurance claim process and where all the forms and documents are for you to track and submit your property insurance claim correctly.  Often, you will have a claim denied or delayed for submitting incomplete paperwork or incorrect paperwork.  Often, it is a loop hole that insurance companies use to minimize their payout to you.  Ask questions and make sure you get answers. You have paid for years for this service, so you should receive the benefits of this service.
  • Quickly acquire, complete and submit claims forms : The claims process can drag on if you don’t provide your insurance company with paperwork for proof of loss, receipts and other documentation to approve your property insurance claim. Insurers usually are required to send you claim forms within a 30-day period, depending on state law. The longer you wait to complete these forms, the longer the process takes.
  • Make sure you read or understand what your insurance policy covers : Standard home insurance usually doesn’t include flood coverage, so homeowners must purchase that coverage separately. Many policy holders think their policy covers more than it actually does. Policyholders often don’t carry enough coverage for personal property, so you should make sure that you insure your personal property. You can ask your insurer to increase your policy limit so that this coverage is included. 


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