How Quickly Do I Need to Address Water Damage?

If flooding is handled the right away, it can reduce the amount of water damage that is caused. Often times the leak that caused the flooding isn’t readily visible, because it may be behind (link to pipe section here) a wall or in a ceiling. The longer a leak goes undetected, the more money it can cost you to get fixed. Also, it increases the chances that your insurance won’t cover it either. 

Could Water Damage Pose Any Health Concerns?

If the water seeps behind your walls and ceilings, it can absolutely impact your health by causing mold to grow.  What happens is that the standing water will attract any mold spores in the air and promote the growth of mold within 48 hours of exposure.  In addition to the potential for mold growth, the air quality in your home or business can cause health issues too Stagnant air combined with the constant humidity can cause some serious, long-term health issues.  

What is the Basic Water Damage Restoration Process

If you have water damage, you will want to contact a water damage cleanup professional to help with the water removal. Water damage restoration can be classified and categorized in various different ways depending on the source of the water.  Therefore, you should always consult with an IICRC certified expert, like Expert Restoration of Utah on how to address your water damage cleanup.

Step 1 – Certified Project Managers do moisture readings and use infrared scanners to identify the extent of the water damage.

Step 2 – Service Technicians remove standing water with extractors and pumps

Step 3 – Carpets are pulled up, and floors are dried completely

Step 4 – Service Technicians will place fans, dehumidifiers, and other drying units to promote drying of the areas affected by water damage

Step 5 – The damaged site is demoed as needed and disinfected in order to kill bacteria and mold growth

Do I Need to Use Water Damage Experts and Professionals?

When you find yourself in a water damage crisis, no one can handle the damage better than the certified professionals at Expert Restoration.  A true professional will exhibit both experience and empathy while guiding you through the process. Our team of professionals, at Expert Restoration,  will be able to help you start the claims process. With the right preventative information and a good expert at your side, any water damage issues you face should hopefully be minimal and resolved before you know it.

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