Common Water Damage Restoration Equipment Used

So, you have called Expert Restoration to help with resolving your water damage, what can you expect to see our technicians bringing into your property?  There are some common and necessary types of equipment carried by our water restoration technicians to help you with your water clean up. We often use detection equipment, air moving equipment, deodorization equipment, and generators. Each piece of equipment has a specific purpose and is used to get your house or office dry and back to pre-damaged condition.  Here are some of the pieces of equipment and tools we will use and bring to help mitigate your water damage.

  • Detection Equipment: Infrared Camera, Moisture Sensors and Meters
    • These are used by technicians to discover how wet an area is so they know exactly what will need to be done to remediate the situation. These sensors and meters display the moisture content of floors, ceilings, walls, and other materials so a plan can be developed to get them dry or tear them out—whichever is needed most for the situation.
    • Infrared water intrusion cameras detect areas affected by water
      Infrared water intrusion cameras detect areas affected by water
  • Air Moving Equipment: Air Movers, Fans and Dehumidifiers
    • Getting an area dry requires removing the moisture not only from the affected materials but also from the air. Air movers and fans will blow air across the surface and cause the water to evaporate, then the dehumidifiers will draw it out of the air and drain it so that it won’t settle back into the material and cause further damage to the room.
  • Targeted Air Moving Equipment:  Injectidry Wall and Floor Mats
    • The wall system is powerful enough to push air through walls and cavities for optimal drying and preserving as deemed viable of existing building materials.  The floor mats help to reduce cupping and draw out the moisture that can be deeply embedded under hardwood flooring and in padding, thus it is used when it is deemed that the flooring is salvageable. It puts out consistent pressure and it can dry wet materials including subfloors, title, headers, and plaster walls using the power of negative pressure. Finally, this system operates quietly with the use of a silencer and flushes out water with the Water Separator.
    • Injectidry Wall Air Mover
      Injectidry Wall Air Mover
  • Deodorization Equipment: Air Scrubber & VaporTek Odorizer
    • The air scrubber works by removing chemicals, particles, and/or gasses from the air. It draws in air from the surrounding space and pushes it through various filters to remove the contaminants that contribute to odor and potential mold growth. The VaporTek Odorizer introduces a dry vapor into the air that reacts directly with bad smells in the area to effectively neutralize and freshen the air.
  • Generators: 
    • In the case of water damages that cause the loss of power, it’s important for the technicians to have a power supply. They generally have generators so that the equipment can be used properly to repair the damage.

Due to the different categories and classifications of water damage, the equipment that will be needed for your water damage clean up will vary. Depending on the amount of damage or amount of space affected by the water damage, the quantity of equipment will vary too.  We do our best to limit costs while effectively addressing and cleaning up the affected areas, so you do not have the potential for mold growth in the future.


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