What to Expect When Expert Restoration Arrives for Water Clean Up?

First off, we want to thank you for choosing Expert Restoration.  Expert Restoration has over 25 years of industry experience.  We are IICRC certified and insured.  We value you as a customer and we will provide you with prompt and quality service.   We know this is a nerve-racking time for you.  Our technicians will be there throughout the whole process, but we know it is always nice to have the process outlined for reassurance and peace of mind.  Below, we outline the steps we will walk you through on your water damage clean up.

  1. You called Expert Restoration at 801-642-4347 for help identifying the source of your water leak and for help cleaning up your flood.
  2. We gather information about your flood from you and dispatch one of our technicians to your property usually within an hour of receiving your call.
  3. Next, the dispatched technician will arrive to assess your flood and identify all of the affected areas that will need to be cleaned up.  They will give you an estimate of the cost for clean up and you will sign a contract with Expert Restoration.
  4. The dispatched technician will then get our crews and trucks onsite within an hour to start the process of moving items out of the way, covering up flooring and contents, they will seal off areas as needed, start water removal, perform demo as needed, and then do the disinfecting and cleanup.
  5. Next, the crew will set up the drying and purification equipment in the affected areas.
  6. If you decide to file an insurance claim, you will want to contact your insurance agent or insurance company to let them know what has happened to your property.
  7. The insurance company will assign an insurance adjuster that works for them to come out and assess the source and extent of water damage done to your property.
  8. On average, the drying and air purification equipment will be on in the affected areas for 3 to 5 days.  The number of units set up will depend on the extent of the water damage, the category of water damage, and the classification of water damage.
  9. After this time frame, our crew will come back to remove their equipment and then you can start the process of doing your repairs.
  10. After this step, it is up to you, your rebuilding contractors, and your insurance company to move forward with the repair or rebuild of your property.
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